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Review: Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu

Review: Margaret Atwood's Handmaids Tale on Hulu

Review: Margaret Atwood's Handmaids Tale on Hulu

The first three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale premiered on Hulu this week. Already we have this memorable image along with several more and a new cultural entity to replace Nurse Ratchet – Aunt Lydia and her cattle prod. Aunt Lydia along with these images I am sure will be will us for a long time. Aunt Lydia should get an Emmy.

You know the story of course.

Democrats manage to impeach President Trump, Christian fundamentalist Mike Pence takes over. To get back the working class vote Democrats fold on abortion and reproductive rights for women while at the same time embracing the bigotry, hate and anti feminism of Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos to help get the political incorrect vote which was so successful for Donald Trump. The Democrats of course fail and soon matters spin out of control.

The Constitution is replaced by Christian Law [Christian Constructionism which is a real thing] and women once again become property. Infertile women not married to leaders are hung and fertile women are constantly raped by the husbands of the infertile women. The only hope women have is flight to Canada.

The series is done very well as mostly a narrative with facial expressions of the women driving the emotional area of the story.

The men are either in black with assault rifles or upper class Christian rapists. So far it looks like Catholics are off the hook because these Christians destroyed all the Catholic churches in their rise to power.

I can’t wait to hear what Sarah Palin has to say about The Handmaid’s Tale. And Kellyanne Conway, or Mike Huckabee, or Pat Robertson, or Franklin Graham, or Fox News, or Breitbart, or Western Journalism, or The Blaze, or WND.  Oh wait, it’s all hidden away on Hulu so all the people who need to see it won’t. You know like books.

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