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Roseanne Star Sandra Bernhard explains why white women voted for Trump

Well to be clear it was married white women who voted for Trump. We find three reasons. White married women are under the thumb for their husbands to support them, they hated Hillary who unlike themselves worked all her life to become the most powerful woman in America [well other than Oprah and Beyonce], denying all women their liberty and personal freedom to choose an abortion and they wanted better and steady jobs for their husbands. Those who do not live adjacent a manure patch are mostly sorry they did.

 Total nonfarm employment grew by 1.84 million during the president’s first 11 months in office, according to the most recent figures available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s a respectable gain, to be sure. But it’s 12 percent lower than the 2.01 million jobs that were created in the 11 months before he entered office. The average monthly job gain under Trump is now 167,182, well behind the average monthly gain of 213,708 jobs during Obama’s entire second term. Factcheck

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