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Roseanne Transcript, she did nothing wrong but be a good Jew

This transcript I just read was recorded the day after Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC. A few things stand out.

First is her defense that she did not know Valerie Jarrett was black and she is just a Jewish Neo Con defending the State of Israel. She made only one stupid mistake and lost it all, sob sob sob.  Well everything but all her money, her family and her Hawaiian estate and now one of the most beloved characters in Trumpworld. She lost a sitcom which thousands of actors lose all the time.

There are two other big takeaways in this transcript.

First that she mentions The Torah in most every response. Her conversion to Judaism, being a Jew, Jewish this and Jewish that and Jew Jew Jew.  Which I suppose she thinks makes it all alright.  Makes my point that the most serious problem here and in the rest of the world is over the top religion pushing it’s intolerance, bigotry tribalism and ignorance that it always has. The actual FAKE NEWS of humanity.

And secondly, even more startling in this interview is that the Rabbi never mentions, nor does Roseanne all the other horrible crap she has pushed out on Twitter.

the Pizzagate conspiracy with Hillary as a child molesting slave trader, pushing the Seth Rich conspiracy that Hillary had him murdered, that Obama killed more people than anyone in American History, saying Chelsea Clinton married into the Soros family with George Soros an anti-Semitic  Nazi. He is Jewish and fought the Nazis. Yet alone being one of the loudest syncopates for Donald Trump the actual most foul, bigoted, racist, ignorant self consumed narcissist in the history of the Presidency.

Oh and we learn ABC put in writing NO TWEETING once the show starts. Which she refused to do.

Bottom line? Roseanne did nothing wrong she was just being a good Jew.

Edited Transcript: Roseanne Barr’s Emotional Interview with Rabbi Shmuley on Repentance and Jewish Values -article

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