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Rudy Giuliani – Truth Isn’t Truth!

“Truth isn’t truth!” No motto symbolizes Donald Trump’s reality show administration better than the three words Rudy Giuliani spat out on ‘Meet the Press’ with Chuck Todd today. For those hoping for a Trump 2020 run, and we’re speaking to you Vladimir, the phrase is a perfect replacement for MAGA.

A frustrated Giuliani launched the phrase while attempting to explain why it is unfair for his client (Trump) to face Robert Mueller, and possibly fall into a “perjury trap.” Giuliani scoffs at the idea that his client has nothing to worry about if he’s telling the truth, claiming that Mueller, who is presumably judge and jury, would take the word of James Comey over Donald Trump.
At Todd’s suggestion, Giuliani conceded; “It’s possible that he (Mueller) will make the decision based on which of the two is more logical which one has more common sense.”  Rudy could not have been thinking when he uttered those words; for the Trump team nothing could be worse!

Giuliani: ‘Truth isn’t truth’ | Meet The Press | NBC News