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Rumsfelds WMDs. Ben Quayle recalls Reagans magic jelly beans

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Diane Sawyer cannot get anything out of Donald Rumsfeld about the Weapons of Mass Destruction – or misdirection. In fact, there was no reason for the interview, he could have phoned those expected denials in, and we wouldn’t have had to look at old Death’s head. Rummie is accomplished at the skill of CYA. With Bush on the hot seat in Switzerland, Rumsfeld isn’t about to implicate himself as well, though he is imperious rather than concerned.
Rummy also lied when he said it was President Bush who first decided to invade Iraq, it was Rummy himself only 4 hours after the Pentagon was hit.

After hearing Freshman Congressman Ben Quayle reminisce on the meaning of kindly old President Reagan’s jellybeans, we can only fruitlessly hope that he will hear the call of a poetry slam, and abandon his political aspirations.

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