Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham say the GOP is dead

rush limbaugh i am not a pig

“If Obama wins, it’s the end of the Republican party. There’s going to be a third party that’s going to be orientated towards conservatism — or Rand Paul thinks libertarianism, How long do we have, folks? I know people, who think 18 months before a real United States economic collapse” Rush Limbaugh

There you have it, the Lord of the Lies has thrown in the towel, leave the GOP to the moderates and start anew with Rand Paul and Ayn Rand. The answer is not to move to the Right but move over the cliff. Let’s hope conservatives listen to this sack of crap.
A 2016 battle between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton! The stuff of wet dreams.
But it does not stop there! Another talk radio host, Laura Ingraham, who is a slut aslo chimmed in that it’s over.  Oops there’s that moral equivalancy at play again. The Right can call women sluts and the Left cannot. Which makes it even. You now like Half the GOP believe and SAY President Obama is a muslim born in Africa – which or course is not racism – while the Left calls Romney a disconnected rich guy. Moral equivalency again.

 “If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party,” she said. “Shut it down, start new, with new people because this is a give-me election, or at least it should be.” Laura Ingraham

  • db


    “It’s religion and race that drive American politics.”

    It’s taken me a while to see it, but that statement is your Credo, your religious dogma. It exists, self evident, without need of further substantiation beyond its’ own assertion.

    Of course, I am a fool (or worse) for not recognizing the inherent truth in your religious assertion. What heresy do I spout when I assert that there are several other factors moving in American Politics, economic ones included? Dare I point out that there are wealthy Black folks and wealthy White folks? Dare I go so far as to state that there are poor White folks & poor Black folks? Or even some Christian White folks & Christian Black folks & non-Christians in both groups as well? And if you’ve divided the world into White & Black; what do you do with the guys who are more Red or Yellow? Do they become “Honorary Black Folks”, as “Luther” honored us, in the Key & Peele episode after the election?

    “You don’t even seem able to differentiate the difference between the oppressed and the oppressors when it comes to race.” First, I agree with Mark Twain that slavery in the US was a curse to all involved in it, either as Masters or Slaves. Are you asserting that ONLY Whites can be oppressors? I’ll take the other side & state that “oppression” can be done by any individual or group so minded, regardless of race. It was a wrong for Blacks to hold slaves in pre-Civil War LA as it was wrong for Whites to hold slaves. The Japanese actions in China in the 20th Century or the Chinese “Great Leap Forward” both killed millions. Are the Yellow Men who committed the acts now “Honorary Whites”?

    “Soon the CHRISTIAN wing of the Supreme Court, in this case 5 Catholics, are going to take away Affirmative Action” Even assuming this is true; (if you can predict the future, why didn’t you wing the $500m PowerBall?) who “gave” Affirmative Action in the first place? It was & is the right thing to do. But it was mostly Christian White People who set it up.

    I understand you’re upset by the direction some have taken some Christian Churches in the past ~30 years. But join me in going to the homeless shelters run by the Central Union Missions. Join me at the food banks or hot meals served by thousands of individual Churches all over the US.

    But you were supposed to be on vacation. Go soak up more sun & surf. This will keep.

  • rackjite

    It’s religion and race that drive American politics. It has been so since our conception. Why you are playing the fool in denying that I have no idea. You don’t even seem able to differentiate the difference between the oppressed and the oppressors when it comes to race. Soon the CHRISTIAN wing of the Supreme Court, in this case 5 Catholics, are going to take away Affirmative Action. There you go, religion and race in one SC decision!

  • db

    Gee Sr. Groso,

    Pinch hitting for the Lt.? Is he on a (well deserved) vacation?

    Your frothing at the mouth before 5 in the morning is surprising. Before 5 anything less than, “the house is on fire” gets ignored by me.

    I’m not going to let you defing the Lt.’s opinion. He can do that well enough on his own & it’ll keep until he returns.

    Are you then saying that there is something inherently evil about White Folk that they, & none others, “want their own”? I’d assert that most people, regardless of color of skin, want a comfortable, peaceful life for themselves & a better life for thier children. It’s in his heart, not on his skin, that has a man do good or evil.

    “Crap” about being consumed by religion? Hardly. Race & religion are the cause of all problems in the world? That’s what I read of the Lt.’s writing a couple of days ago. Did I misunderstand? Not disease, not poverty, not economics, Race & Religion.

    Do you also get up every morning consumed by haterd of religion? Not knowing you, I’d still suggest that hatred consumes the hater much more than the hated.

    “If it were not for the 30% of so of Evangelical Christians and intolerant Catholics who vote straight GOP tickets in every election…” Your math is suspect. You need a lot more than 30% to win elections. If those EC/IC you write of can convince another 21% of the populace that they are right in their policies; doesn’t that make it the will of the people over-all? Are you somehow suggesting dis-enfranchising “religious folk”? Are you advising a “non-religious” test for holding Public Office?

    Really Sr. Groso, chill out.

  • Muy Groso

    His argument is not that EACH wants their own here, but WHITE PEOPLE want their own. And yes, it does hold true in all things you mentioned, it is why we pay the lowest taxes in the world and whine about it the most. It is why the deficit must be fixed on the backs of mostly minorities and the poor who can least afford it rather than on UNEARNED INCOME and progressive taxation. The games of FAIR TAX or FLAT TAX take that to the extreme. No capital gains taxes at all, and the wealthy paying half what they do now. And people fall for that bull.

    As to your crap about Jite consumed by religion. If it were not for the 30% of so of Evangelical Christians and intolerant Catholics who vote straight GOP tickets in every election, this nation would be a liberal democracy like the rest of the civilized world.
    What crap to accuse Jite of being consumed by religion when one of the only two parties is now dominated by those really consumed by religion. And an intolerant, nasty, mean, ignorant religion at that. If you are going to make something up , why not make something up that’s nice rather than a nasty pile of intolerant bigotry?

    The only reason I stop by is because this is one of the few places where someone will say the lord has no clothes.

  • db

    Okay Lt.,

    As I see your argument it runs:

    America is the most multicultural country in the world.
    Each fraction wishes to prevent advantage to OTHERS
    Therefore no Universal Health Care.

    But wouldn’t the argument hold equally true for roads, clean water, & other “Public Improvements”? All of which we have?

    Your argument would have American multiculturalism as a weakness, not a strength. I think Malcolm X would agree with you. (Wish I knew more about Malcolm X’s philosophy)

    “lazy Negroes and Mexicans who should be rounded up and sent home” Given that until about 50 years ago almost no Negroes came voluntarily to the USA, & given that the earliest Negroes pre-date the Pilgrims, the argument to send them anywhere is absurd. Blacks/Coloreds/Negroes are as fully American as everyone else & don’t need to be hyphenated into African-American. (Teddy Roosevelt’s argument about hyphenated-Americans has convinced me not to use the terms)

    I would never urge you not to talk about anything you choose. It’s just interesting to note that the Nuns of your youth have succeeded in making religion the focus of your life.

  • rackjite

    The politics of this country is more about race and religion than any other issues. So of course I am going to talk about both of them. No matter how much Christians and White people don’t like it. 🙂

    But you seem to totally miss the point on Health Care and the over all safety net. Its about paying for THE OTHER. The civilized world doesn’t have as much OTHER as we do. So the perceive paying taxes (socialism) as investing in themselves, not lazy Negroes and Mexicans who should be rounded up and sent home. How you can argue against that is beyond me. It’s human nature. Sloppy mediocre not very enlightened human nature but human nature just the same.

    Ask Bubba, he aint ashamed of saying so. But I do warn you, he is no believer. Though he is nice to believers only because they vote his way. For rich armed white people.

  • db


    Again working off of fallible memory, the Australian Aboriginals are black & their role in society was hotly debated in the 1920’s & 30’s. If I rember the ‘White Australia” movement was the result. Essentially limiting immigration to whites. I beleive it was also aimed at Indians & Chinese.

    The RSA was what I was speaking of, though Bubba may be right & several of the countries in the area have established “anti-white” policies. Of course ,after what those Blacks went through it is hardly surprising.

    Yes, Lt. it would be hillarious if it weren’t kind of sad. The day doesn’t go by that you don’t rant or rail against religion in some way, shape, or form. Religion is the center of your life. It consumes you as much as it did the Medieval Saints. Just a slightly different direction.

  • rackjite

    Australia has so few blacks supporting them isn’t much of a cost. They are more like our Indians than our Blacks.
    South Africa is racist. I thought that changed. Or are you with Bubba on this, it is black racism that is the problem?

    As to me being consumed by religion, that is hilarious. What I do is say things that you and lots of other believers do not like hearing. Not the WORD but the TRUTH. Very unpopular, they still execute people for that all around the world.

    If we were to change the name of GOD to JIMBO, 80% of the world would be prescribed Prozac. Try it! JIMBO instead of LORD, GOD, JESUS, ALLAH, ect… See how absurd it all is? 🙂

  • bubba

    Rack is wrong. I don’t care for [edit] or [edit] and of course I don’t want what I work hard for going to any of them, but I especially don’t like my hard earned money going to smartass liberal yankees either. You are right DB, Just because I don’t like [edit] doesn’t make me a racist. I despise liberals more than anything and that is not about race. I owned no slaves, I have burned no crosses.
    You are also right DB in that every black run country in Africa is more racist than here.
    Rand Paul 2016!

  • db


    I said before I was not qualified to take the other side of the argument. Still, I will point out that there have been countries more “racist” than the USA which have Uinversal Health Care. I’d submit that the Republic of South Africa & Australia were both more racist than the US . I will admit that the definition of “racist” is important as well.

    I’ve said before you focus your life on religion more than any other person I know. Whether this makes the USA the most religious country inb the world is unclear. Again I do not know the facts or even the questions to determing the facts or quantifying “religion’.

    Still the question of how & why the US missed out on Universal Health care is an interesting one. Prof.? Ms. ‘Cat?

  • rackjite

    Perhaps you are correct. The reason we are the only people who refuse health care to the least of us, and who believe if we get sick we should lose our homes and have families thrown to the streets is because we are the self described MOST CHRISTIAN of nations.
    It isnt just health care of course, why do we, the least taxed nation on Earth, scream and carry on the most about paying taxes. And the Republican Christian party screaming the most?

  • db


    “The point is All those WHITE countries have single payer universal health care because the see it as a benefit from themselves. We see it as a benefit for Blacks and other NOT REAL AMERICANS”

    So the lack of Universal Health Care is a symptom of inherent racism? Sorry I don’t know enough to take the other side of that argument; though the argument seems stretched to me. But at least I understand the argument you’re making.

  • rackjite

    Canada is 2.5% black.
    Playing this semantic game of Blacks in Africa and Latinos in Central and South America is a bit beneath you db! 🙂

    The point is All those WHITE countries have single payer universal health care because the see it as a benefit from themselves. We see it as a benefit for Blacks and other NOT REAL AMERICANS.
    I suppose there could be another reason for it. That Americans are just selfish uncivilized assholes? Could be!

  • db


    It’s early & I’m not sure I understand where you’re going with, “It is the big difference tween us and the rest of the world. THe amount of Blacks and OTHERS (hispanics) we have.”

    Lots of countries have more Blacks. Nigeria, South Africa. Mexico is literally full of Hispanics. Canada has a vibrant Black Community, descendants of the Underground Railroad. England has had it’s own race problems with Blacks of Caribbean descent the focus. Australia has the “White Australia” movement, but that hasn’t been around for a wile as I (vaguely) remember. France & the Muslims are often in the news.

  • rackjite

    A right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. People want to use as a Pro Life argument it is also a Single Payer health care argument.
    I think what people fail to understand is that only England and I think Canada have government health care. All the rest have the payroll tax that goes to insurance companies that must deliver it NON PROFIT. Those insurance companies then work their profits from supplemental health care policies, and other kinds of insurance.
    The Switzerland Health care story is my favorite. They had the same attitude as Americans. Screw you. But in 2004 an unusual liberal parliament happened by, and passed universal single payer health care. In just two years, when the conservatives took over once more, the people were about 90% for it and it’s now a done deal. No going back, and that’s what Republicans are afraid of.
    But I believe the bottom line in Republican going nuts about what the rest of the world so easily accepts, is that they DON’T WANT THEIR TAX MONEY GOING TO LAZY BLACK PEOPLE. It is what I hear most from my Republican friends in regards to most every aspect of their politics. MY WHITE MONEY.
    It is the big difference tween us and the rest of the world. THe amount of Blacks and OTHERS (hispanics) we have. You know who has the second most number of blacks? Australia. At 1.5% compared to our 13% and now 17% Hispanic. This has been the driving force of American Politics for 170 years…

  • db


    ” Some of us have insurance, but how do you propose to have all citizens covered?”

    That’s the very point of the ACA. It provides a mechanism where all people can secure private Health Insurance. It’s designed to work on a State level but given the refusal of certain Republican Governors to establish their State standards; it may wing up being done on a Federal level.

    The community can provide access to health insurance, food, & shelter. I don’t see it possible to provide friendship & love. It’s the difference between a tangible & an intangible item.

    Yes, I see it as a NEED for a civilized society to insure that no one dies of starvation, freezes to death, dies of heat stroke, or dies from failure to obtain readily available medical assistance. No I don’t see it as a NEED to provide “Comfort Girls” (or “Comfort Boys” for that matter).

    TSA- Transportation Security Agency. Those guys at the airports.

  • rackjite

    You ask how we can have all citizens covered by health insurance. Well we could, now this is just theory, we could just look at any other country IN THE FRIGGIN WORLD to find that out.
    This is what I mean about the connection between CHARACTER and CIVILIZATION. And sadly it seems to be genetic…

    Its what make FOX NEWS, RUSH LIMBAUGH and BILL O’REILLY haul in billions of dollars. Now named The Conservative Entertainment Complex, it’s not going anywhere. As we have found out over th last 25 years or so, making uncivilized assholes feel good about themselves is big business.

  • Lt:

    Healthcare is obviously a NEED, but does that make it a RIGHT?

    People NEED food, drink, and adequate shelter, too. Are these rights also?

    If so, why do I have to pay for them?

    What about friendship and, well, the more intimate relationships? Are these rights? Or are these extras that we must somehow woo?

    Where do you draw the line?

    Thomas Jefferson said we have the right to pursue happiness, not happiness itself.

    Doctors, nurses, medicine, medical equipment, and treatments have to be paid for. Some of us have insurance, but how do you propose to have all citizens covered?

  • rackjite

    It is those who are creative who lean towards tolerance, openess, inclusion, art, music writing, teaching… Creative minds are also able to put themselves in an other persons shoes. Conservatives are genetically unable to do that, that is why I am so much easier on them than I should be. After all, it is bigotry to attack people for the way they are born. The good news is that as time goes on, they lose. Though we do have to suffer a nasty blip or two as we move forward.

    I think DB here has got to the nitty gritty of it.

    Either you believe Health care is a RIGHT or you don’t. It has to do not only with compassion and altruism, but even more so with CHARACTER. It is what it means to be CIVILIZED.

  • db,

    Isn’t that the President’s plan? And President Clinton’s before him?

    I have heard about such systems in other countries, the waiting lists and lead times for vital tests for example.

    If the President is not trying to nationalize healthcare, how does he propose to get all citizens covered?

    Yes all able bodied citizens should pay taxes, certainly for national defense, law enforcement, and fire protection; but I would screen out citizens capable of earning their own livings from social welfare programs to make sure that we provide only for those who truly cannot take care of themselves.

    What is TSA?

  • db


    Thank you for your response.

    I’ll certainly argue that “Jim Crow” isn’t dead. I’ve had several friends pulled over for DWB (Driving while Black). It’s depressing & angering to see one of the nicest most positive guys you know almost reduced to tears of frustration & anger because of the color of his skin.

    I’ll take the other side of Union Busting as well and cite the example of Hostess where the Executives are giving themselves raises & bonuses of up to 300% while claiming the Union Workers need to give back more.

    Now, I don’t know anyone who likes to pay taxes. Federal, State, Local doesn’t matter. But we get value for those taxes. National Defense, National Parks, Interstate Highways, TSA, we all get some things we value more than others. Locally we get Police & Fire Protection & in some cases trash Pickup. Aside from TSA, which would you choose to do without in the name of lower taxes?

    President Obama hasn’t nationalized Health Care, though if enough Republican Governors refuse to set State standards, we may end up with a national standard. The ACA deals with insurance, not health care. It provides a mechanism for people to obtain HC Insurance & sets standards for that Insurance. Where did you get the idea of a nationalized healthcare?

  • Who? Academia, the majority of black voters, the majority of other non-white voters, most union members, the majority of women, the majority of people in arts and entertainment.

    Not all of any of the above, mind you.

    Why? Unfounded fears of going back to Jim Crow, union busting, robber baron capitalism, Spartan militarism, etc.

    Whatever personality traits that cause people to be attracted to arts & entertainmet somehow also cause them to lean left politically. I do not understand why. My guess is their wealth isolates them from those of us who live paycheck to paycheck so its easier to vote feelings rather than economics.

    I tend to vote republican because I believe in low taxes on working people so that they have more money to put into the economy, keeping other people in jobs.

    Go ahead and tax the rich if you want, but that does not hurt them, and it doesn’t help the working class.

    And all of us will pay somehow for nationalized healthcare and we will feel it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and you don’t have to say Grace if you don’t want.

  • rackjite

    The GOP is fishing Benghazi for an impeachment. If they fail they will keep fishing. They are not going to change. It is their nature. So the have to find other ways to win national elections. Or rescind them. The almost manages it 15 years ago.

  • db


    Are you basing your assertions on the decline in vote totals for the Republicans between 2008 & 2012? If so, did you notice that even if Romney had matched McCain’s totals he still would have lost? If not, upon what do you base your assertion?

    What will energize the White voters in 2014? Why didn’t they come out in 2012?

    Upon what do you base an article of Impeachment or are you arguing that Impeachment is a legitimate political tool?

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    I disagree, Bubba’s statement is not completely enlightening; but it’s a start. It gives me some direction in looking for answers.

  • That was a very’ Christian ‘and enlightening explanation bubba. I’ve no doubt that is the only activity Republicans plan to engage in as a legislative body in the next four years…More’s the pity.

  • bubba

    Obama won because Christians and White people did not get out to vote. I guarantee that will not be the case come the midterm election. Republicans will gain in the House, in the States and take the Senate. Leaving little black Sambo all alone in his wife’s watermelon patch in the backyard.

    He has only two years and hopefully Republicans can keep him busy fighting off impeachment.

  • db


    ” That portion of the electorate that votes democrat come hell or high water…”

    Why? Why does “that portion” vote Democratic?

    And who are “that portion” anyway?

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    We’ll see if/how “not” answers my questions. If he comes back with a “Thunderchild-esque”, “If you don’t know I’m not going to bother to explain” we’ll know one thing. If he answers the questions; we can go on to step two.

  • Let’s see you’ve moved through denial and are stuck on anger. Check back when you hit upon bargaining…Only then can real healing commence. ; )

  • The Republicans lost due to demographics alone…period. That portion of the electorate that votes democrat come hell or high water has swollen to the point that undecided voters and republicans together have been rendered irrelevant. You think that’s good? Soon there will be no republicans to blame for the country’s troubles. What will you do then? And oh, those poor late night comedians! Call me in 2014 and let me know if we’re having fun.

  • db

    Well Ms. ‘Cat,

    Economic collapse beats the 1000 years of darkenss we’ve heard predicted.

    I agree with Rush that this election has been particularly hard on the fractures within the Republican Party. One of the reasons Romney is being so coy with his facts.

    Ingram says the election is over & Romney lost? Big news. DV she’s right. It’d save me some fingernails.