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Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for the rise of Trump

Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for the rise of Trump

. Well I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh who is not alone on this one, it is presently the meme of the Right.

Back in 2008 I kind of forced my family to come with me to caucus for Hillary in the primary. We went down to our local elementary school to findĀ it was about between Obama and Hillary. I made two points.

First that I had nothing against Barack Obama but he was too naive to deal with the Right while Hillary has had 20 years of experience with their nasty crap and will put them in their place while they will walk all over the kindly Barack Obama.

And secondly, that this being the racist nation it is, putting a black man and his family in the WHITE house is going to create such a backlash it is sure to cause some horrific event and perhaps change the very nature of this country. That failing to grasp the intensity of that racism and the shear numbers of them is beyond me. You live here in Texas, you know!

But we gave them all the finger and elected Barack Obama and a few weeks ago they reciprocated with the whitest man in the world.

And here we are. Rush is Right. Trump is the backlash of putting a black family in the WHITE house. Do you think those who voted for The Donald forgot that he led the Birther Movement to try and overturn two elections because Obama was black?

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