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Rush Limbaugh Drinks the child actor conspiracy Koolaid

It was Laura Ingraham yesterday that called the border photos made of child actors, today it is Rush Limbaugh. This is even worse than the Parkland conspiracy that the kids personally suffering that horror where child actors as in this case the child actors as as young as 4. But it works on the 63 million ignorant bigoted hate filled clowns who voted for Trump.  Didn’t know there were that many of them did ya?  I did. I have lived in the midst of them for 37 years.

I guess it is this week’s GOP talking point to gain the love of President Buck Rogers. Both of them are human slugs anyway.   Sucking up to conspiracies is nothing knew for either of them.  Limbaugh spent TWO FRIGGIN YEARS on Hillary murdering Vince Foster.

Rush Limbaugh: Photos of Children at Border are ‘Fakes’ Designed for People Who are ‘Wimps’ About Kids  -article

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