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Rush Limbaugh’s wife #4 Kathryn threatens divorce?

Rush Limbaugh denies evolution

[My first and only political cartoon from 1993]

Hey, it’s a question right?  Fake news gets all the hits, all the ad money, all the coverage these days while pushing the truth gets nothing here, so why not give it a try. And what the Hell, this headline may be more true than anything that has come out of Donald Trumps yap in the last two years.

Perhaps we have a date on when Fake News began. Well, after Matthew, Mark, Luke and John anyway, Rush Limbaugh 1993.

In 1993 Rush Limbaugh began his most well known fake news conspiracy theory which cemented him as the voice of the Republican Base for the next 25 years.

Starting in 1993 Rush Limbaugh spent over TWO YEARS most everyday, and many years there after, pushing the conspiracy [fake news] that because Hillary Clinton was having an affair with Vince Foster she shot the 6’2″ Foster in the head from a foot away in her White House office, wrapped his body up in a carpet, dragged it down to a waiting brown car downstairs, put it in the trunk, drove to Marcy Park at noon on a sunny day where a hundred people were milling about, carried the over 200 pound body rolled up in a carpet 100 yards to a wooded area where she unrolled the body out in the woods, put her gun in his hand, carried the carpet back to her brown car and drove away. How does Limbaugh prove this was all true?  Because someone saw a brown car at the park that day. I KID YOU NOT.  Seven police agencies investigating found absolutely that Foster shot himself in the park where the body was found.

And during the 2016 election year, Donald Trump brought this up.

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