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Samantha Bee hurls for possible EPA or Energy Secretary Sarah Palin

Samantha Bee hurls for possible EPA or Energy Secretary Sarah PalinWord from the appeasers is that The Donald Elect is suggesting crazy right-wing know-nothings for his appointments to seem presidential when he instead picks establishment Republicans. Though that seems a big far fetched since he appointed Alt Right Steve Bannon to be “equal partners” with GOP establishment Chief of Staff Reinse Priebus. But we have to keep an open mind and give him the benefit of the doubt.

Though we should not kid ourselves, as three of the most detestable men in American politics will soon be in the The Donald Trump cabinet,  Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton. Okay, detestable is too harsh, irredeemably despicable will have to do.

But what about Chris Christie? Second only to The Donald Elect as the most obnoxious bully in politics today, MELANIA.  Christie’s trouble with the bridge seems to have come back to bite him on the ass which isn’t that hard to find.  So who knows where he will be next week.

But one thing is sure, if Trump does pick Sarah Palin to oversee our land, water and air, it could up the planned million woman march for the inaugural up to about 40 million.

And the good news?  There isn’t any.  No matter how hard the media, the pundits and the Democratic establishment try to appease and play nice, every day there will be another Donald Elect horror shoved in our face.

For those who are relieved that this two years election with all it’s  anger and angst is over, you got another thing coming.

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