Santa Claus crys for all the children who survived the Newtown shooting

santa claus cries for children

NOW is the time to talk about guns.  RIGHT NOW.

40% of guns sold have no background check, gun show loophole.

Less people are buying guns in the last 20 years than ever before. What we have is the same people buying more and more guns. And addiction. The same  Tea Party gang of nitwits who control the GOP primary process, but also the Democratic primary process.  A few crazy paranoid violent  wing wangs. Yes! WING-WANGS!  This crap is one of those laugh and cry things. One moment I am tearing up and the next laughing at these morons.

  • Muy Groso

    This is not about mothers committing their children.
    This is about having a very troubled adult child in the home AND being so consumed by gun gun fun fun that you have a dozen of them, and all the ammo laying around the house. Calling that being a RESPONSIBLE GUN ENTHUSIAST.
    And so far what has been the Republican Response?
    Not enough FOX NEWS JESUS forced into our public schools.
    Yeah, right…

    And THIS, whats happening all over, the emotions, the anger, the tears, the getting together, prayer meetings, hugging, THIS is what religion is FOR! Not for pushing gays around, or single women, or pregnant women, or being the backbone of American radical Right-wing politics. I’m mad.
    Anyone saying we assault rifles with 30 round clips must be told to GET FKED. To their face. LOUD. Even if it;s on TV. LOUD, so everyone in the house can hear you. Loud FCK YOU so the immediate niegbors can here you.

  • db


    You are obviously paying much more attention than I. I prefer to listen to anything else on the news.

    But you’re saying that a GUNLOON ought to be able (to have someone committed)? A mother’s complaining about her son to friends ought to be enough (to lock him away?)

    My question to Ms. ‘Cat was to what extent do we wish to curtail our freedoms in an effort to stop tragedies like CT? Would your neighbors think you odd enough to meet the standard? How much preventive action is necessary, right, & proper? How much is merely harassing society’s outsiders? As I asked her, what teenager hasn’t felt isolated, alienated, & misunderstood?

  • rackjite

    The gun “enthusiast” or more honestly the GUNLOON Mother told friends he was off HIS BEAM, he had a medical history of being off his BEAM, and he was denied buying a gun weeks before because he has a written history of being off his Beam.
    What can be done is to rid ourselves of our insane gun culture by passing law after law after law until it sinks in. I remember Barry Goldwater, the father of conservative saying to this issue. If you cant shoot a dear in one shot, yer not much of a hunter…
    My spin is to make gun and magazine size no larger than SIX shots. THis protects the 6 shooter, and with the rest all we have to do is put unremovable stoppers in magazines, which we bird hunters did every Fall with our shotguns. Down to 3. And we all obeyed because it seemed fair. Most of never even EVER took them out though we could for small game and deer and going to show and tell at elementary schools. Streetsweeper holds a dozen 12 gauge slugs… Available to any Crip, Blood or NRA member.

  • db

    Thank You Ms. ‘Cat,

    We have Sr. Groso adding, ” …and that flippant attitude toward high powered weapons KNOWING FULL WELL the kid was off his friggin beam,..”.

    Now how do we know that?
    He goes & shoots 27 people (himself included). Okay.
    But how do we know that before hand? Doesn’t shooting 27 people = “off the frigging beam” require both halves of the equation?

    Than as I’ve been telling the Lt.; with the current Supreme Court, can anything be done in the way of meaningful gun control? Or at best would we keep the NRA Lawyers employed for the next 10 years?

  • Thanks db. You’re so right, there are so many questions without answers, but I sure wish the mother were alive so we could ask her a few! I too would like the 24-hour news cycle to give it a decent rest until they have something to report. Some of the questions they’ve been hammering the officials who will talk to them, have been indecent and irrelevant in my opinion.

  • Muy Groso

    1st – free speech and freedom to and from religion
    2nd – Militia bear arms
    4th – search and seizure
    10th – Non enumerated goes to States

    I just read an article about what a RESPONSIBLE gun lunatic the Mother was. Yeah Right, a dozen rifles, a few handguns, taking the kids to the range on weekends, and having all those weapons, and that flippant attitude toward high powered weapons KNOWING FULL WELL the kid was off his friggin beam, is about as IRRESPONSIBLE at it gets. Responsible Gungoonery… Gosh. Next thing you know, these what Rack has named FOX NEWS CHRISTIANS will be telling us that children get shot because they want to be shot.

  • db


    No, the 10th Amendment reserves responsibilities not given to the Federal Govt. nor reserved for the People to the States. All the other Amendments apply to the Federal Government only unless & until applied to the States by Judicial Decision.


    If Justice Scalia gets 4 other votes, then that’s the law of the land. Our opinion doesn’t matter. It does us no good to propose any number of gun restriction only to have them overturned by the Supreme Court.

  • db:

    Are you sure you are not referring to the 10th Amendment per the States & the Federal Government.

    One of the amendments says we have the right to be secure in our persons, papers, and effects (I’m paraphrasing).

    No. We don’t want a crew digging into buried electric or gas.

  • rackjite

    Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, just the other day said hand held missiles, you know RPGs and TOW’s, and Surface to air could easily be found to be included in the 2nd amendment.
    He’s a fat little fker. Like Karl Rove, John Sununu, and Dick Morris. All four of whom all deserve to be called fat little fkers by everyone everyday.

  • db

    Ms. ‘Cat,

    No apologies needed. We are all shocked, stunned, appalled, & horrified by the actions in CT. Anything we say seems flippant & inadequate.

    At the risk of being (more) flippant & offensive; I agree with your quote, “this young man was in deep emotional trouble”. But I’d argue that all teenagers are emotionally stressed in one way or another. What is the definition of “deep” trouble? As opposed to “shallow” trouble? Who determines? Upon what evidence? With what result?

    No answers Ms. ‘Cat. Just a lot of questions about practical application.


    The 4th Amendment applies to the States & the Federal Govt. It does not imply some sort of “stand your ground” status.

    When one joins (voluntarily or conscripted) the State Militia; one is put under the military discipline of that unit. If the Military Authority tells you to take your musket home; you take it home. If the Military Authority tells you to store your M-16 at the arsenal; you store it at the arsenal.

    Yes, call MISS UTILITY before digging that missile silo in your back yard. Nuclear deterrent will definitely stop those loud parties next door.

    Deep emotional problems + guns = disaster. Got that. If we can not fix “deep emotional problems”, as I’ve asked of Ms. ‘Cat, then I’ve got to find a way to fix the “guns” half.

    But I will throw out the idea that the rampant 24/7 news coverage of the tragedy gives the shooter, even in death, his goal. His name will live forever, in infamy perhaps, but live none the less. The Shooter gets his attention.

  • If no other good comes from this horror it is the opportunity…Rather the obligation of Obama (he who is coming to ‘take our guns’) to put some teeth into legislation about automatic weapons – at the very least. If people know they’re going to prison for possessing them, and gun sellers will suffer a similar fate, it won’t stop them, but at least we’ll have made some progress.

    The mother of the shooter was an ‘avid shooter’ and gun owner who’d taught him to shoot. Background checks didn’t stop this obviously disturbed young man from borrowing her guns. For a gun safety nut, she didn’t have hers under lock and key!

    Sorry, I seem to be all over the place on this. I’m certain we’ll find that there were enormous signs that this young man was in deep emotional trouble all through school, I think a lot of somebodies dropped the ball on this one!

  • db:

    But those in the National Guard are issued weapons, which they are required to keep and maintain. The weapons remain the property of the state.

    A “right” to keep and bear arms implies the choice not to keep and bear arms.

    Guardsmen (and women) don’t have that choice. So how can it be a right?

    At the end of the day people still have the right, nay, the obligation to defend themselves and those under their care from those that would harm them.

    The fourth amendment says we have the right to be secure in our persons, papers, etc. I’ll have to revisit that amendment for the exact wording.

    To me that implies a right to defend ourselves with whatever we have handy (knife, sword, club, tomahawk, fist, sharp fingernails, whatever).

    Would stricter laws on firearms have prevented what happened in Connecticut? Maybe, maybe not.

    A determined person will acquire a firearm if he wants law or no law. There is such a thing as the black market.

    If I were going to put a silo in my backyard I would call in locates first. And a warhead even in the low kiloton range would be overkill for warding off intruders anyway. Nite.

  • db


    Keep the M-4 in the yard. It’ll tear up the roads.

    A Missile Silo would probably interfere with the buried pipes & cables.

    State Militias haven’t been in vogue since 1917. I believe it’s called the National Guard now.

    But if we follow Justice Scalia, we must agree that the US Constitution allows every white, male to be a member of his State Militia & possess a single sh, muzzle loading musket if required by the terms of his Militia service.

  • Alright Lt. Take it awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    OK I’ll be first.

    Let’s all read the 2nd amendment in it’s entirety. That is, include the “well regulated militia” clause. What is the “militia”? Who are the “people”? Keep in mind that this amendment was written in 1787 when firearms were manufactured with 1787 technology.

    What is an “arm”? Is a recurve with a quiver of arrows an “arm”? A spear? A kitchen knife? Sling shot (as in Goliath)?

    What is a “person”? Is a person with a history of mental illness a “person”? Is a person with a criminal history, perhaps violent, a “person”?

    May I keep a Sherman tank in my backyard? A missle silo?

    As she says on Cawfee Tawlk, “discuss”.