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Sarah Palin Gets Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen Just Like Newt Gingrich

With the prospect of camera lights beckoning, Sarah Palin didn’t hesitate to accept an invitation from Sacha Baron Cohen, to discuss veteran’s affairs. If Palin had never heard of Cohen, who has made movies and interviewed many conservatives in character as dim rapper Ali G, it would seem prudent to put down the Jaeger and take a moment from dusting the moose antlers to Google his name. She didn’t, and at some point during the interview she realized she was being duped.

Now Palin is truly hot!  Social media is scorching with her righteous anger over the ‘disrespectful’ Cohen and his liberal ‘Hollywoodisms.” In other words, the interview will reveal that Palin doesn’t give a rip about veterans or her alleged efforts to help them.
All of Palin’s accusations about disrespecting veterans, begs the question; where was her head buried while Trump mocked the genuine war hero who first brought her into the political arena, John McCain?

Cohen’s new show promises to hand just desserts to conservatives. The first episode of “Who Is America?” airs on Showtime at 10 p.m. July 15, and debuts on streaming, online and on demand Sunday at midnight. Subsequent episodes will air Sundays at 10 p.m.
Watch as Ali G takes Newt Gingrich for a ride!

Ali G – Newt Gingrich