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Sarah Palin says Sacha Baron Cohen’s show mocks Trump voters

Well I should hope so!  Middle class Americans my ass Miss YouBetcha, it is red state rural Trumpers he is mocking.

Speaking of mocking, wasn’t it Trump who mocked a gold star family and a reporter with Cerebral Palsy with no comment from you you ignorant nitwit.

But oh oh oh, this will make them mad and cause them rush to the polls. Oh for chrisake, they are going to rush to the polls the more outrageous Trump becomes no matter. The only way to win is to GET OUT THE VOTE COME NOVEMBER. Call now to rent an RV for November 4th and call local minority groups to volunteer to haul people back and forth from the polls.

Sarah Palin: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s Show to See How ‘Middle Class Americans Are Mocked’