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Seth Meyers A Closer Look: The GOP’s Deal with the Devil or Why Trump?

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Republicans, who are now scrambling to appoint Trump’s Supreme Court pick despite anonymous warnings and blatantly obvious signs that he is unfit for office.  You’ll recall that Republicans refused to act “impetuously” when Merrick Garland was the appointee, although endless vetting and deliberation proved he was a solid pick.

Trump’s own aides know he’s a kook, yet Republicans are doing everything in their power to push his lifetime appointment through. The man described as petulant, erratic, an unhinged idiot,  and a professional liar – by aides, is illiterate for all intents and purposes.  We may never know whether he eats paper to keep aides from stealing it from his desk, or just because he needs the fiber.

I’ve decided that Republicans are all like Ted Cruz. They will happily play the fool, (or elect him) to get what they want. When they’ve seated a majority of right wingers in the Supreme Court, they will cheerily wave good-bye to the Tool.  Trump may not have outlived his usefulness for Putin by the time he is hustled from office, but he – and the Republicans certainly gave him a great foot-hold.

The GOP’s Corrupt Bargain with “Reckless” and “Erratic” Trump: A Closer Look