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Seth Meyers: Calling Trump a Dumb-ass May Be Illegal, Treasonous!

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at the week in Donald Trump. Still stinging from Bob Woodward’s book, Trump is eager to set Jeff Sessions on the writer of the infamous “anoanonaous” op-ed piece, written by a White House insider.  While everyone in Trump’s immediate sphere denies penning the piece that negates Trump’s vaunted intelligence and stability, I believe that it is time for a change.  If you’re out there White House gang; now is the time to reverse tactics and claim authorship, one and all.

While Trump believes he can slam the prison door shut and throw away the key if the writer is found,  it is not (yet) illegal to state that the president is a moron, or an idiot. Trump contends that saying bad things about him and hurting his feelings is a treasonous crime of the highest order.

It has been suggested that a lie detector should be brought in, and everyone in the White House should be tested.
Seth observes: “Bringing a lie detector into the White House is like bringing a Geiger counter to Chernobyl.”

Trump Attacks Woodward, Demands Op-Ed Investigation: A Closer Look