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Seth Meyers: Avenatti Reveals Slush Fund Set Up by Trump’s Fixer Michael Cohen

Seth Meyers: How Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush money scandal led her attorney Michael Avenatti to the discovery of a secret slush fund set up by Cohen and enriched by a Russian Oligarch. The trail of breadcrumbs also leads to influence peddling by the likes of AT&T, Novartis and Korean Aerospace.

See how Avenatti located the fund, and how Cohen earned his nickname, by delightfully  fixing himself and Trump.

On the bright side, Cohen has always craved notoriety.

As an aside:¬† Avenatti – a happily married man, has become a hot item on social media. There’s even a private Facebook fan club dedicated to him that calls him the “sexiest man alive.” (Included in the description: “If anyone can take down the Orange Trumpty Dumpty, its Michael Avenatti!!”)¬† There are many reasons why people crush on Avenatti, one Facebook user gushed over Avenatti’s ability to express articulate sentences. Smart may be making a return on the runways fashion fans!