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One Toke Over the Line, Lawrence Welk

A “modern Spiritual” says accordion player Myron Floran and leader Lawrence Welk. The show is like Fox & Friends from 1971.  Do you  think anyone on that show knew what “toke” meant?

When I was a just a kid I spent most summers with my grandparents on the lake, with chickens and a 12′ boat with an old Echo 10 horse outboard. Every Saturday night the three of us would get in the boat and go across the lake to their friends house to watch Lawrence Welk where I was given a large bag of M&Ms to sit and keep quiet.  It stuck with me as about the only nostalgic memory I have of my grandparents.

These day the show is syndicated on PBS at 6pm on Saturday nights. I watch it fairly often. What’s the word? High camp? Just watching Bobby gets me toking way over the line. Hilarious. And I remember him as the too old kid from The Mickey Mouse Club which I watched after school most every day.  His face was always the same, smile always looking straight ahead like  having holding a face on a stick in front of himself.  Ah, Spin and Marty. And Annette who had boobs!  But in my defense I must say that Rocky & Bullwinkle was my favorite show as a kid.

I never did see them to Hendrix PURPLE HAZE though…

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