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Seth Meyer’s Humorous Take on CNN’s Democratic Debate Presentation

Seth's Humorous Takes on CNN's Democratic Debate Presentation in "Overcompens-Debate

Seth Meyers believes that when they considered the two highly contentious Republican debates, CNN knew they had to pull out all the stops to make the first Democratic debate as exciting as possible. In an effort to make the debate appear exciting by invoking Vegas and prize-fight pizzazz, CNN just may have overcompensated, creating an “Overcompensate-debate.”

I have three favorite moments. Of course, I loved it  when Bernie Sanders stuck up for Hillary, and the American people, who he said, “are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails!”  Seth invites us to look again at Hillary’s laugh…We’ll never truly know what she was thinking.

Of course, I was delighted when Lincoln Chafee made every excuse I’ve ever given for being late for work look viable. Chafee’s “The dog ate my homework” excuse was just lame. “It was my first day, my dad died, It was my very first vote,  I’d just arrived,” was horrid, but when  Anderson Cooper asked; “Are you saying you didn’t know what you were voting for?” Chafee did himself no favors replying: “I’d JUST arrived in Senate.”  Seth advises;”So if you’re an enemy of the US and Lincoln Chafee is President, attack the first day.

The last moment, isn’t so much a ‘favorite’ as it is  memorable . Jim Webb smiles as he lapses into his own world, reminiscing about killing an enemy soldier. Seth is right, he should have led with it…Maybe next time. I don’t think even Donald Trump will badmouth this candidate!