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Seth Meyers: Jenny Hagel and Trump’s Hispanic Rant

Seth Meyer: Writer Jenny Hagel revisits Trump’s Hispanic-free rally on Saturday. Journalists who are still grousing about Michelle Wolf’s joke about Sarah Huckabee Sander’s eye shadow – as if they haven’t noticed, neglected to save outrage for Trump’s rally call out; “Are there any Hispanics in the room?” Booing  accompanied Trump’s dismissive inquiry. Of course there were no Hispanics. Sensibly they would rather be absolutely anywhere other than a Trump rally.

Trump’s divisiveness is working. I visit an online group occasionally, where people who grew up in the same small town talk about history, dig up old pictures and share memories. The other day someone remarked that it was a shame that one beloved, privately owned park was no longer open. Immediately a well known big fish in that small pond let fly with a series of vindictive accusations so nasty that she would be banned from any forum – but this one.  As I gather, they can’t have nice things anymore, not because it’s no longer 1960, but because of “Your people” she directed at a member with a Hispanic name. “They” leave parks filthy, are gang members, steal and have ruined the town!” The town was ‘ruined’ by a stolid resistance to new industry and the wrecking ball long ago. Out of nearly 400 people only 3 protested her remarks. We three were reminded why we had moved from that small minded slice of heaven long ago.

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