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Kanye West is “an under-medicated, mentally unstable megalomaniac”

Charles Latibeaudiere seems to hit the nail on the head with that with this video proving it in the absolute. Kanye had liposuction that sent him to the hospital for a week, along with a mental breakdown, just to gain more adoration from his fans.


To give Kanye his due, this love of Trump – who is also a mentally unstable megalomaniac along with being a proven racist – and his denial of slavery may just be his first well thought out move in running for President in 2020. These days being a racist is a winner in presidential politics, but only because of the Electoral College.

Down here in Texas we once had a great liberal voice who made this infamous quote:

“I don’t know if Rush Limbaugh is a racist, but racists sure love Rush Limbaugh.” Molly Ivins

It also fits perfectly well with many many Republican names, Donald Trump and Kanye West leading the pack.

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