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Seth Meyers: Omorosa Says Trump Knew in Advance About Russian Hacking of 2016 Democratic Emails

Brace yourself  as Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Omorosa Manigault Newman’s shocking revelation! Trump’s former advisor and bosom buddy claims that Trump knew in advance that Russia planned to hack Democratic emails in 2016 presidential campaign! Sure, Trump invited Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails on the debate stage, but the invitation was so belated as to be a brag – but you knew that.

Seth points out the greatest irony of the Trump-Omorosa feud:  Trump’s continued, effusive praise of Putin is highly suspect. Trump’s Attorney General’s meetings with Russians are hinky.  Trump’s Campaign Chairman and Deputy Campaign Chairman are linked to money laundering.  Trump’s Deputy Campaign Chairman is guilty of tax fraud and his personal fixer’s secret shell company have been unearthed.  Trump’s National Security Advisor lied to the FBI.  In a tremendously bone-headed move, Trump’s son Junior, attempted to get dirt from a foreign adversary, and Trump’s son-in-law arranged a secret back-channel  with that adversary.   After all of that – and undoubtedly more to come,  the person who may end up taking Trump down is Omorosa, getting revenge 14 years after her firing in season 1 of ‘The   Apprentice.’

If Trump fans are confident that Trump’s ‘ best lawyer’s money can buy’ will bail him out of this tricky situation, wake up and watch the Rudy – or listen to Rudy and Jay in the Morning, as they pursue their media blitz to include morning radio shows and county fairs.

Omarosa Says Trump Knew About Hacked Emails in Advance: A Closer Look