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Jimmy Kimmel: Omorosa Bombs Hit Trump, Kushner, Pence, Scaramucci & Spiritual Guide Paula White

Jimmy Kimmel brings us up-to-date on the most recent bombs dropped by former Trump confidant and present day tell-all author Omorosa. Omorosa’s book ‘Unhinged’ is filled with tidbits she gleaned while working inside the White House with people including Jared Kushner, Mike Pence and Anthony Scaramucci.

Omorosa makes a direct hit on Paula White, who is allegedly Trump’s spiritual advisor. In any photo of the two of them, it’s clear that Trump’s policy is ‘leave no pastor’s behind, behind.’ White who presumably won’t purchase a piece of clothing unless a smaller, more revealing size is available, told her congregation to send her one month of their salary or face divine consequences! It’s true, water seeks its own level, even in a swamp.

As promised, Omorosa’s bombing raid scores a direct hit to Mike Pence and to Anthony Scaramucci.  Also targeted is Jared Kushner, although he has been MIA for some time. According to Trump’s former confidant,  Kushner’s relationship with his father-in-law is somewhat tense, after all, their common denominator is the girl they both covet and love.

Omarosa’s Bombshells on Trump, Kushner, Pence & Scaramucci