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Seth Meyers: Republicans Still Back Trump After Trump Putin Summit

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Republicans who again back Trump after making an absurd ‘clarification’ of his smarmy Russian election meddling remarks, and his attacks on U.S. Intelligence during the Trump Putin Helsinki sleepover.

Seth explains the syndrome in terms of the movie “Ferris Bueller.”
It doesn’t matter how flimsy and ridiculous the pretext is, they just need an excuse, because they are completely devoted to Donald Trump. Republicans are all Cameron, and Trump is their Ferris Bueller. He does and says whatever he wants and gets away with it. They so wish they could do that but they’ll settle for hanging out with him. The fun part is going to be when all this is over and they try to erase their support of him by driving the car backwards.

Republicans Fall in Line After Trump-Putin Summit: A Closer Look