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Jimmy Kimmel: Chris Wallace Grills Putin, What if Obama Supported Putin?

Jimmy Kimmel: Chris Wallace of Fox News took on Vladimir Putin last night, and proved that he has much more gumption than the ‘precident’ does. Knowing how Putin treats journalists, perhaps it wasn’t wise to ask the dictator why so many of his opponents and critics end up dead.

Fox pundits are still effusive in their praise of Trump’s big fat dumb meeting with Putin, which causes Jimmy to wonder how those same pundits would react if Obama had behaved in the same reprehensible manner. While Obama was excoriated for merely attending a Broadway show with more vehemence than Fox has given Trump for possible high crimes and misdemeanors, we don’t have to imagine. The Fox folks have already weighed in on Obama’s interactions with Putin.

Imagine Fox News Coverage if Obama Supported Putin