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Seth Meyers Says A Couple Things About Trump Firing Rex Tillerson

Seth Meyers says ‘a couple things’ about Trump’s cowardly firing of Rex Tillerson, who didn’t know he was unemployed until he read about it in a tweet. Most any manager will give you the bad news face to face, but Trump avoids such encounters, particularly if the recipient of the news is tall.

Why dud Trump fire Tillerson? Some believe it’s because he said the ‘R’ word in a negative way, and we all know the Russians are our friends, even if they clearly poisoned a spy. Acting in his official capacity, Tillerson said that the incident would ‘trigger a response.’
As Seth observes; “He just didn’t know the response would be “clean out your desk.”

Seth has more than a couple more things to say on this topic, and about the people who have worked at the White House, as well as those who chose to enter that particular gorilla cage now, knowing the big apes could rip your arms off and beat you with them.

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