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Trump Unhinged at Pennsylvania Rally, Betsy DeVos’ Train Wreck Interview – Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s bizarre performance Saturday at a campaign rally allegedly held for Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone; and at Betsy DeVos’ stunning train wreck of an interview on ’60 Minutes’ the very next day.
Rick Saccone’s name was barely mentioned at Saturday’s rally, it was all Trump all of the time. Seth Seth likened Trump to a friend who comes to a birthday party, shows up late, doesn’t bring a gift, and sings ‘Stairway to Heaven’ ten times in a row.

North Korea still looms large, while Trump perfects his ‘boring president act’ so we’ll know how lucky we are that he’s exciting.  Seth observes that if Trump happens to fall ass-backward into peace he’ll have done it as “a very low IQ individual.” Seth is quoting the nasty remark Trump made about Maxine Waters. The new, ‘exciting’ Trump is even more rude and crude than the old one.High on applause, Trump even disparaged Oprah Saturday, which may be his undoing.

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