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Seth Meyers: Travel Ban, Trump’s Comedy Tour Hits So Carolina

Seth Meyers – The Muslim travel ban now firmly in place,Trump continues winging it on his ‘Orange Collar Comedy Tour’ –  recent stop South Carolina. The ‘basket of deplorables’ got a raise, and will now be known as ‘The Super Elites!’ So proclaims Trump, and so it shall be done.

Says Seth: Trump is so dumb he doesn’t understand that it’s supposed to be an insult to ‘out of touch super-intellectuals.’

It’s okay to groan loudly, roll your eyes skyward and pound the floor. We are living in the age of high velocity, maximum stupidity. Some day we’ll look back on this and laugh!  I don’t really think so either, but delusion is better than surrender.

Trump’s South Carolina Rally; Travel Ban Upheld: A Closer Look-video

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