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Seth Meyers – Trump Attacks Mueller and McCabe, Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica, Stormy Daniels

Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Trump’s attacks on the special counsel and the Russian investigation, with the possibility that he could try to fire Robert Mueller soon. Mueller should refrain from reading tweets while seated in a stall, just to be safe. Trump’s manic threats only make him appear guilty. Trey Gowdy advised Trump:”Give Mueller the time and resources to do his job, and if you’re innocent – act like it!

“Crazy shit happens so fast in this presidency sometimes it feels like I’m binge watching it.” Seth Meyers

Trump is suing Daniels for $20 million dollars for breach of a hush agreement. Trump’s argument is ‘I had nothing to do with that hush agreement with the porn star and to prove it I’m suing her for violating the hush agreement I don’t have with her.’

Appropriately, Trump’s lawyers are named: Charles J Harder and Ryan J Stonerock, causing Seth to wonder; “Is this a lawsuit or a porno version of the Flintstones?”

Facebook is now named MUD. See what they’ve been doing with your personal information and who has benefited from it.

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