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John Oliver – Putin Wins, Cowardly Trump Ambushes Tillerson on the Toilet

John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s role model, Vladimir Putin and his recent presidential race, in which Putin won again – and forever! We’re all so very surprised, and send our thoughts and prayers to the families of his opponents, and to those of former spies whose lives appear to be just marginally longer than those of house flies.

While it seems that everyone in the White House is about to be fired, few have been let go with the crass cowardice and indignity that accompanied Rex Tillerson’s notice, which we initially knew was a tweet – but there’s more. According to news sources: ‘Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was on the toilet when he learned he was being canned.’ Tillerson, suffering with a stomach bug, read John Kelly’s notice while on the White House throne, possibly for the last time. Oliver remarks that Tillerson must have known it would end with indignity, frustration and a general sense of nausea.