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Seth Meyers: Trump Lies to Veterans About Choice

Seth Meyers: Trump’s promise to veterans is all about choice and privatization.

Trump promised to fix the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, but forgeddaboutit the place is a mess!
There’s nothing Commander Donald ‘Bone Spurs’ McPutter wouldn’t do for our vets – other than fix the Veteran’s Administration, as promised. I mean really, it looks hard and who has the time – or a clue?  Far from fixing the VA, Trump plans to dismantle it and privatize medical services…But that is privileged information. Trump crows only that veterans will now have a choice to seek health care in the private sector or in their Veteran’s Administration clinics and hospitals, as most prefer. What he doesn’t tell them is that their choice only extends until the wrecking ball eliminates the latter choice.


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