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Stephen Colbert, Kanye West has lost his mind

“The two men most famous for loving themselves decided to branch out and try loving each other.”

“Does Kanye want to become Trump’s new communications director, Kellyanne Kanye?”

“BILL COSBY INNOCENT!”  Another reason NO ONE should listen to anything this egomaniacal, over the top narcissist and self proclaimed “Next President” has to say about anything at all. Isn’t he also claiming to be God?

But I guess he’s okay because he rhymes well.

Did you know there are about a hundred different rhyme books and rhyme sites out there? So along with rappers having no real musical ability – I always ask my Rap pals what instrument the rapper plays – they now don’t even need any rhyming ability.

Rap is just Disco with better words and more bass. It’s good dance music.

My rule of thumb is that the more choreography you see, the less good music you will find.

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