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Seth Meyers: Trump Tell All About Michael Cohen on Fox & Friends

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Fox & Friends interview lives on in infamy, and you can bet that Trump will give himself an A+ for the thirty minute stream of nonsense at 78 RPM – for you wax record fans.

This is one Fox & Friends that is fun to watch, even with the sound off to remove the grating voice. The creeping panic of the terrible threesome is a joy to behold. Trump is still confident that Michael Cohen, whatever his ties to Trump may be, will certainly never ‘flip.’  A confident Trump wowed President Macron by snapping at a reporter who asked if Cohen would flip with a dismissive; “That’s a stupid question!” Assuming he is not insane, Cohen definitely is going to flip.

Trump is dealing with multiple criminal probes and keeps changing his story – most recently on live TV, which was not unnoticed by the prosecution. At this point, anyone who’s asking whether Trump is telling the truth is asking a stupid question.
After all, Trump and Kanye West share ‘Dragon Energy’ – I don’t know about dragon energy, but I completely believe the two narcissists are sharing a reptilian brain stem.

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