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Handmaid’s Tale, Game of images

What surprises me most about this series is that it’s in second it has been completely ignored by Fox News, Talk Radio and the Religious Right.  Which is probably wise on their part to not draw attention to it.  It is also produced, directed, written and stars women.

Season #1 of Handmaid’s Tale – or President Pence’s America – had an image that will forever stick with me, the lesbian being hung by a construction yard crane seen through the back of the Lesbian Arrest Van.  Evangelical Christianity and Lesbians

Season #2 of Handmaid’s Tale – or President Pence’s America – come two more images that cannot be unseen:

June in front of the bullet pocked wall in the basement of the Boston Globe where the reporters were dragged and shot. Evangelical Christians and the media.

Ofglen in the university quad where a gay college professor is hung on a very long rope. Evangelical Christianity on education.

Lesbians, Gays, college professors and public education at the top of the Evangelical Christian hate list. Note: Abortion does not enter into this as the story line comes from 95% of the female world population gone sterile.   

So much of this series sparks our memories of Nazis and the Holocaust. In this case where the perpetrators were not from a superior race but from a superior religion.

It is images that stay with us, not video clips or words, images.

Well, to lighten things up, song lyrics stick with us too.

For almost 50 years I have had one line that sings in my to mind most every day…

It shoulda been me, with that real fine chick, it shoulda been me, driving that dynaflow…

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