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Seth Meyers: Trump’s Michigan Rally Goes Off the Rails While Michelle Wolf Rules at Dinner – A Closer Look

Seth Meyers- Trump threw an unhinged campaign rally for himself in Michigan Saturday. In keeping with his increasingly rambling,non sequitur- filled rants of late, Trump was stuck in high gear with no panicked Fox News producer to shut him up. Consequently, Trump – was positively giddy enjoying his own material – ‘Some people have said’ it never gets old.  Believe me!  In truth, the two events should have been simulcast. At the very moment Michelle Wolf was laying down the hilarious smack about Trump, he was engaged in proving it to be understated.

Brace yourself for the newest rally chant; “Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!” As Seth observed, Hearing ‘Nobel!’ chanted at a Trump rally is as surreal as hearing ‘Pulitzer!’ chanted at a monster truck rally, and just as likely.  If you’re as puzzled as I, take comfort from Trump’s own words – words that will go down in history with the likes of Jefferson and Lincoln, “Kanye gots it.” Did we all fall down a rabbit hole?