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Michelle Wolf intro at correspondent’s dinner

The moment for me was when Michelle Wolf calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is sitting next to her, Aunt Lydia from Handmaid’s Tale. She does look a lot like Aunt Lydia with her Jesus ordained cattle prod, cheerleader of mass hangings, stonings, eye gougings and rapes. Aunt Lydia is our new Nurse Ratched.

I must say Sarah Sanders looked the best I have ever seen her and the fat joke at her was uncalled for.

Which brings to mind a generational problem.

Who the Hell is Nurse Ratched? How could anyone not know that?

So  many names like that this generation finds no meaning in while for old farts like me they serve as easily recognizable adjectives to define character traits we need not have go into lengthy descriptions to explain.

Eddie Haskel – Back stabbing suckup
Otis – Harmless drunk
Lumpy – big stupid guy
Hoss – gentle giant
Goober – well meaning nitwit
Squiggy – lovable moron
Rochester – witty black man who gets the best of a rich white guy
Atticus – the perfect person
Ted – prissy self consumed moron
Major Burns – smug creep who always gets bested
Mary Anne – cute girl next door
Maynard – lazy scofflaw
Edith – kind subservient housewife