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Shane Ryan Sealy WOMPS WOMPS with a gun at Alabama pro immigration rally

I just got off a comment area where I found that Shane Ryan Sealy did absolutely nothing wrong and is the new hero of the GOP.  All he did was just WOMP WOMP – a Cory Lewandoski meme making fun of a Downs Syndrome kid held at border – a speaker then pushed a protester down who then pushed him back which caused Shane Ryan Sealy to pull a gun on him. He was arrested FOR NOTHING AT ALL other than being a good man making America Great Again!

Something has to be done about what this racist buffoon in the White House and his DT13 gang of despicables has done to this country in just a year and a half.

Man Pulls Out Gun, Sings ‘ICE, ICE Baby’ at Immigration Rally (WATCH) -video