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“Shut up Jimmy Kimmel you elitist Creep!” Washington Times on the Baby Kimmel Speech

"Shut up Jimmy Kimmel you elitist Creep!" Washington Times on the Baby Kimmel Speech

"Shut up Jimmy Kimmel you elitist Creep!" Washington Times on the Baby Kimmel SpeechYou know how Republicans are such good wordsmiths coming up with new words and slogans so easy for the ignorant to understand? I have one. From now on change “Free Market” To “Infinite Profit.” Infinite profit health care.

Shut up, Jimmy Kimmel, you elitist creep – Charles Hurt at the Washington Times

This deplorable video from Republican Mark Dice got 400,000 views and 20,000 likes. Dice, like Milo, Coulter, Limbaugh, Walsh and Spencer make their money by opening the door into the dark matter that has become the Republican heart. And then of course taking that racist bigoted swill to college campuses to rub it in the faces of smart people pretending it is about free speech rather than hate speech. And sadly winning the argument. The thing everyone seems to be missing in this, especially so many liberals, is that there is no right to free speech in MY HOUSE.

I liked the part where Dice says we all know how disgusting the Kimmel speech was because Hillary Clinton mentioned it. There you go. Who could be worse in and for America than Hillary Clinton?

The full 13 minute Jimmy Kimmel speech on this baby’s heart condition and health care for those less affluent than he 

Once Illinois congressman and now playing catch up to Milo and Coulter, Joe Walsh weighed in with this tweet:

Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s health care.

That pretty much tells the story of Republican ideology in just 19 words. Not only is there no understanding of what health insurance is or even what insurance is, but not an inkling of what civilization means.

Republican cable news pundit Matt Lewis also weighed in on this “bad move” by Kimmel.

Did this plea from Jimmy Kimmel do any good? Nope, since the video went viral the GOP gained another half dozen Republican votes and will pass their bill in the House later today.

Which just may be a good thing for 2018.  In fact it could be even better if the Republican Senate goes along. It will not just be an emotional horror story from one celebrity, but the same emotional stories from thousands of regular people day in and day out until the election. Most of whom will be from Trump States.  Has the GOP finally taken a bridge too far?

Perhaps finally American will come to terms with the darkness that is “infinite profit” in all things and finally move to a single payer system as the rest of the civilized world has done.

It is so easy. Give everyone a medicare card, paid for by a payroll deduction like Social Security and have congrssional Republicans and Democrats fight out the details of costs and benefits until they get it right.

The only thing holding that back is the Christian belief system and American exceptionalism of infinite profits. Like Jesus said. You know, what God gave his only begotten son for.