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Single Payer Health Care for Democrats and Dummies

With Democrats in disarray looking for a purpose, a call and an issue, NOW is the time for them to push the single payer health care button strongly and ubiquitously as it is on the minds of Americans as never before.

The message from Democrats:

It is time that we all sit down to calmly and intelligently discuss what a single payer health care system is and how best to find an American version of it. With a call to the media to help by asking all those in health care interviews “What about a single payer system?” And for you to explain it to all your Trump family and friends in a simple easy to understand manner. Without eye rolling or helpless sighs.

39 of the 40 wealthiest nations of Earth ENJOY such a system that costs them and their nations much less with better outcomes and better satisfaction by those served.

They all adhere to these three basic concepts:

  1. Everyone is covered.
  2. A payroll tax mandate.
  3. If insurance companies run it they must do so as non profit.

[We will be working to expand this page with as much information and links as we can find. So please come back to hit the link once in awhile]