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The Six Images from Handmaid’s tale one can never UN SEE

I am watching this and Jessica Jones at the same time. One is fun and one is not.

Nothing out of that box has ever come close to giving a loud kick in the ass to Evangelical Christianity than Handmaid’s Tale [makes Bill Maher seem like Jerry Falwell.]  The use of art to present the ugliness of homophobia and misogyny.  Long overdue and bravely presented. Hear!  Here! To those involved and to HULU having the balls.

[At first I thought the Mr Waterford was modeled on Mike Pence.  But the more I read of late about Ken Cuccinelli, I am sure that is the model. He is the baddest of the sick bunch of bigots whose ideological center is celebrating bigotry only for the sake of enjoying it.

Seldom mentioned is that Jesus said not one word that was misogynist, homophobic or against abortion. ZERO. ZIP. NONE. NAUGHT. NADA. So where does this hate, bigotry and intolerance come from then? Weak minds with dark hearts.

The reason we don’t hear much about it other than Emmy wins is because Evangelicals know to keep quiet, ignore it, shhhh… For if they start a brawl, these images below and many more like them will be slapped around the world. And they cannot be UN SEEN.  In they go to our database of images that makes us who we are. Think of something… That’s not words you see, it’s an image.



Lesbian hanging from construction crane while friend watches from van

Crying in the bullet ridden basement of the Boston Globe where the enemy of the people; reporters, editors and staff where shot St Valentines massacre style

Handmaids washing the blood and body fluids from the Heretic Hanging Wall

What is left of the Lincoln Memorial

Redesign of the Washington Monument

How Gilead keeps Handmaids from talking in Washington DC