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SNL Cold Open, Jeff Sessions Eats Minnie’s Poop Pie, March 4 2017

SNL Cold Open, Jeff Sessions Eats Minnie's Poop Pie, March 4 2017

SNL Cold Open, Jeff Sessions Eats Minnie's Poop Pie, March 4 2017White House leaks last night found Mad King Donald getting more angry than he has ever been, and not at the media or the disabled but at his own top tier staff.

Preibus got uninvited, Bannon got re invited and Donald was screaming the FWORD at just about all of them for letting the Jeff Sessions story cycle over his speech which was the best huge bigly terrific fantastic speech ever given by anyone ever. The Media agreed. Sad, bigly sad.

I would suppose after watching this SNL sketch Donald’s morning’s toilet tweet will be as bad as yesterday’s tweets where we found everything is Obama’s fault. Oh and the generals. And the media. And Mexicans. Hey what ever happened to the Republican personal responsibility thing?

But this skit will not do the job that needs to be done. To bait him into an unconstitutional or criminal act for the impeachment that is coming sooner or later.

The funny part of that is that like a petulant toddler we can tell him straight up he is going to be baited into a psychotic meltdown and he is unable to control it and will come the fall of the House of Trump.

The SNL skit that will do the job is to bring Kate McKinnon back in as Dooneese Little Hands and do 8 minutes of little dick jokes with Alec Baldwin in the studio oval office.


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