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SNL Cold Open: Obama and McConnell get drunk

SNL obama and mcconnell get drunkWhat’s the message here?  If I ain’t mistakin’ it’s that color has no boundaries when it comes to women putting a stop to having fun.

My immediate hope is that the President will pound on a big bass drum and give the Republicans the finger as he signs the executive order to give temporary work permits to millions of Latinos so their families are no longer broken apart.

And for dessert, apply a big jar of Vasoline and sand to Net Neutrality and shove it where the GOP Sun don’t shine.

Oh, the President also needs to tell the Republicans in the Senate to COME ON and smear your crap all over Attorney General candidate Loretta Lynch for being Black, for being a woman and for being on the side of Latinos in immigration reform.  COME ON TED!  DO YOUR THING.  You too can be just as popular and as good for Republicans as your mentor Joe McCarthy was. Ted Cruz even has his own Roy Cohn in his disgusting father Rafael Cruz.

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