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SNL: God is Gay

SNL: God is GayThere may be something to that God is gay thing, after all he came into our sphere of existence by getting so huffy and puffy at Adam and Eve for committing the original sin of forbidden heterosexual sex that he condemned them to death, but then again he did pork a little Jewish virgin and subsequently gave no support to either the mother, the son or the cuckold stepfather to give us Christianity.  It’s a hard call, not as easy as his kid being gay which just about everything points to. Was Jesus ever a high school wrestling coach? Could illiterate Jewish carpenters teach school in those days?  Was he even bilingual? What language did he speak in? How did the Jews and the Romans communicate? What did the Greek language have to with all this? Who translated? From what to what? How many translations before it got to English and then American? Who spoke Latin. For how long? Does God have a Southern accent? Or like any voice of importance it is British?  So many sheep so little time…