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SNL Weekend Update, Charles Barkley & Shaq, April 16 2016

SNL Weekend Update, Charles Barkley & Shaq, April 16 2016“Donald Trump spends two hours on his hair each day, Bernie’s barber is the wind,” or “Donald Trump’s wife was a swimming suit model, Bernie Sander’s wife does his taxes,” or “Bernie builds a tunnel to Mexico and makes America pay for it,” Bernie and Trump are opposites in private life, on political issues and the who of their fan base though the media keeps telling us they are the same. I guess that’s because both of their bases are make up of losers? Oops. I meant disenfranchised.

Speaking of Hillary, I know what the problem is! I just watched the Jackie Robertson documentary on how it changed race relations in America. The gist of which, as it still is today, that if a black man wants a job he has to be a lot better than all the white guys applying for it.  SO IT IS WITH WOMEN!

I will admit that I often find myself yelling at the TV “JUST ANSWER THE FRIGGIN QUESTION HILLARY!” when I see her circle the question round and round without an answer. But unlike most Hillary Haters from either side, I understand that is what all the men politicians do all the time, so I am being sexist, which is cause for reflection rather than celebration even in this Republican declared post racial and post sexist world of ours.

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