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Stephen Colbert, Anarchist Cody Wilson plastic 3d printer gun carnage

3d gun printerCody Wilson! Get to know your Anarchist! Where is his kerchief mask? How much glass has he broke? I guess an Anarchist is a step above (or is that below) a Libertarian.

This 3d printer gun may not be good for militias, ganstas, cartels and gun enthusiasts who must all be able to dole out 60 rounds a minute, but it sure will suffice in getting rid of your wife. Or that guy looking at your wife.  Or the guy who bumped your quarter on the pool table.  Hey, a little red and blue paint will make it really really attractive for a 3 year old to shoot a 5 year old. And of course to Republicans it means NO GUN CONTROLS at all are any longer necessary.

Next step, 3d printer wives…