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Stephen Colbert falls out of character to decry the Death Penalty with execution survior Kirk Bloodsworth

death row surviver kirk bloodsworth“Shouldn’t we keep the death penalty? Wait a minute.  For without the death penalty we would not have a religion.”

Which brings up the big issue regarding American Christianity. Why is there so much joyous thirst for executions in the Southern Christian Bible Belt? So much joy taken in it that we all know there is no sense in Mr Bloodsworth bothering to go down that way with his campaign. Why is it that it is Christianity that promotes more assault rifles, no background checks, extended magazines, preemptive wars, drones, corporal punishment and executions in America? I would think religion would be striving against all that. Or have we already arrived in the world of the anti-Christ? Or is none of this about religion at all, but the use of religion to promote Right-wing politics?

Going at the death penalty state by state is a good idea, but I can guarantee you that Texas and the rest of the Christian South are not in play. In fact you can hear them laughing and shouting, bring it on!  In fact if you mention that one of the reasons to rid ourselves of the barbaric process is that it is unfair to African Americans, you can here them laughing with a BRING IT ON in all caps.

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