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Stephen Colbert Hagel Confirmation: Breitbart, Rand Paul, Fox News, Lou Dobbs are FRIENDS OF HAMAS

“President Obama must withdraw the nomination of Chuck Hagel or he will lose the support of moderate Republicans, another group that does not exist.”

breitbart comExcuse me, I wrote that title 11 seconds ago and now withdraw it because I made it up.  On the other hand, many days have passed and Breitbart, Rand Paul, Fox News and Lou Dobbs have not only refused to retract what has proven to be something Breitbart.com made up, but have doubled down on it. See how the GOP is changing?

And good to see that Breitbart.com is helping keep the credibility of their dead flounder Andrew Breitbart alive and well!  This should make him proud. Well if they get the news in Hell anyway.


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