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Daily Show Jessica Williams interview with Texas Tea Party morons Lynn Troxil & Larry Kilgore

Lynn Troxil & Larry KilgoreI suppose the best place to begin would be to say, these are my neighbors. My neighbors are fine, unless politics, Jesus, guns or nwords come up in conversation. These people represent the majority of White Texans. But you say Larry Kilgore only got 20% of the Republican Primary vote. Well had he not been up against incumbent Senator John Cornyn and if Texans thought he could win, he would have gotten most to the Texas white vote.

Texas was only second last in passing laws against open containers. Florida was last, you know, lots of RVs in Florida.

Larry Kilgore is also in that Christian Constructionist camp. Please understand that means REPLACING the US Constitution with Biblical Law. REPLACING. Had Ms Williams a better understanding of Christian Constructionism, instead of asking if rapists should be executed, she should have asked if gays should be executed. Same answer. BTW, The Rutherford Institute is the legal arm behind Christian Constructionism.

And let us not forgot that Abe Lincoln was a tyrant like Hitler. After all he murdered 600,000 Americans and brought no freedom or liberty to anyone that Larry can name. It is not that he is racist, it is that he is unable to admit African Americans exist.

All in all this gives the outside world some idea of what it means to be from a state where guns trump education. Remember the Texas State Motto: If you have a gun showing, no smartypants is going to call you stupid. Or the shorter more popular version, “So what I am stupid?”


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