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Stephen Colbert, Jack Kingston and Nancy Pelosi bipartison video

Jack Kingston and Stephen Colbert trash the capitalJack Kingston has that faraway look in his eyes… Seeing him often on Bill Maher I could not help but notice that though he may not be the smartest hammer in the Republican bag, he is likable and seemingly honest. He just sort of mindlessly repeats the Republican ideological chiches and talking points.

Jack may be the likable rube from Georgia but he was recently rejected by the statewide voters of Georgia. It’s probably not personal, but just that Jack doesn’t quite live up to the intellectual capacity needed for the Senate. Like Daniel Inhofe.

But as this shows, there is fun to be had with ┬ásome Republicans. Let me think of another one… Um… Hmmm… Well I am sure there are some. But I bet Colbert could not have found anyone else but Jack Kingston for this, it had to be someone not coming back to Congress.

But hey, the Senate is adding a new nitwit! Though Michele Bachmann may be leaving the House her essence will now be preserved in the Senate with Joni Ernst, pig castrater who won the Senate by campaigning in all 94 Dairy Queens in Iowa. I am sure she at least wipes the pigpoop off her each night before bed. Well most of it anyway as she seems to be unable to get it out of her hair.

Hemingway, it will be good for Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to have a woman joining them at the lunatic fringe. Though they may just jack it up to win favor with the new Senate Boofont Hottie.