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Stephen Colbert, Kellyanne Conway’s President of Wisconsin Cheese

“Trump is the President of Cheese, he won Wisconsin!” Stephen Colbert

Though N. Dakota is #1 I noticed that the top drunk states are all where it is cold 

2. Wisconsin

  • Adults drinking excessively: 24.5%
  • Alcohol-related driving deaths: 36.9% (8th highest)
  • Adults in fair or poor health: 14.0% (13th lowest)
  • Drunkest metro area: Green Bay, WI

Some 24.5% of adults in Wisconsin report binge or heavy drinking — the second largest share of any state and well above the comparable national share of 18%. Drinking alcohol regularly over long periods of time can lead to many serious ailments later in life such as liver cancer and even dementia. Despite high rates of excessive drinking, Wisconsin has a relatively low premature death rate. For every 100,000 residents, about 300 will die before the age of 75, less deaths than in most other

I spent the first 33 years of my life in Wisconsin. After moving out and about I realized not everyone everywhere drank all the time. In fact until then, I had never heard the term “Let’s go have a coffee.”

Much of it, as you see in the blurb, has to do with Sunday afternoon drinking and the Green Bay Packers which is about all Wisconsin has to brag about. Well, other than cheese, brats and Miller.

How much does the cold have to do with it?  I suspect quite a bit. The winters are depressing with little going out the door. And the Summers are so short you have to get as much fun as you can in the least amount of time.

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