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Stephen Colbert: Mitt Romney, FOUR MORE WARS! FOUR MORE WARS!

mitt romney 4 more wars

Hello?  Hello Mitt?  Hello Israel?  “THEY” already have nuclear weapons. They reside in the worst place of the bunch, which is getting worse. And the reason Pakistan is going that way, is because of Obama’s use of drones. Which I am sure will be used more in a Republican administration.  I wonder if Bill Maher TODAY said that sending and controlling a missile with a joystick from an air-conditioned room far from the battle is not the bravest of endeavors, whether ABC would fire his ass?

Sure the drone issue saves the lives by not putting  our troops on the ground, but it is not a free ride, it is consequences. It’s riling them up. And these are places were medieval cultures who have little problem killing themselves knowing that God is Real. Once you accept that notion, anything is possible. You know of course this means their God is more real than our God. And we can’t let them have that. We have to match them.